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External Penetration Test

Is your company an easy target for a hacker? Do you believe your IT environment is secure? Knowing is better than believing. Let Authentix convince you that vulnerabilities in your company can be detected and exploited.

An Authentix Penetration Test uses techniques and tools that are used by malicious hackers. Whether black box, grey box, or white box testing, we perform all types of penetration tests. A detailed report will show you how the vulnerability could be exploited and how it can be closed.

Let a friend "break in" before your enemy does.

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Internal Penetration Test

Just think, the hacker has now succeeded in gaining access to a system in the company. Now the question arises as to how the internal IT security ensures that the hacker cannot move any further. This is exactly where the internal penetration test starts. It tries to find any internal vulnerabilities and exploit them. 

At Authentix, we perform internal penetration testing using automated software. This not only detects the vulnerabilities, but also executes attacks (simulations). This makes it possible to show how which vulnerability could be exploited. Time to put the internal security systems through their paces.

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