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Managed SOC

A SOC is a security operations center. In order to provide security, we need sufficient data about what happened. This means that the more security relevant information we can collect, the more we will figure out about the problem, and the faster we we can react. The data has to be logged, stored, evaluated, monitored and analyzed. Our security operation center is staffed by specialists who do exactly that, which enables us to quickly respond to anything that is about to threat your IT. Our SOC delivers different managed security packages. As a customer you can choose which package should our SOC manage for you.

  • Threat Hunting
  • Reporting
  • Vulnerability Mgmt.
  • Incident Response

Managed SIEM

SIEM stands for Security Incident and Event Management. SIEM enables us to see what is happening in your organization. In order to achieve that, we collect and analyze the most relevant security information. What kind of information? Basically,  infrastructure related data like network parameters, system values, login protocols, etc. Like in a police investigation, the more relevant details you have, the easier it is to solve the case. Therefore, the collected information will help us to detect, analyse and respond to any threats the IT infrastructure will face. Managed SIEM can be purchased as a single managed security service package.

  • Threat Analysis
  • Event Management
  • Central Data Gathering
  • Threat Detection

Managed EDR

EDR stands for Endpoint Detection and Response. EDR solutions provide continuous and comprehensive real-time insight into what is happening on your endpoints. Behavioral analytics and actionable intelligence are then applied to the endpoint data to prevent compromise.

Our Managed EDR, which is powered by our SOC, ensures that proactive rather than reactive action is taken against attackers. This involves detecting anomalies and taking action when an incident occurs. We are always willing to operate your EDR solution, or we can establish our EDR system and then manage it in our SOC. You decide.

  • Threat Detection
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Threat Response
  • Security Information