Identify. Authenticate. Authorize.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM for short) is responsible for managing the role and access authorisations of individual subjects and the subjects themselves. The main task is to assign a digital identity to a subject. Identities must therefore be managed, updated and monitored throughout the entire access lifecycle. IAM systems enables operations and the relevant departments to perform their Day 2 tasks (user management CRUD, monitoring activities, generating reports, etc.).
Our experts are able to accompany you from the definition of requirements to the implementation of highly complex IAM infrastructures.

  • IAM processes
  • IAM Implementation
  • IAM Lifecycle
  • Access Management

Privileged Access Management

A PAM (Privileged Access Management) solution is part of an IAM system that controls the access of privileged users in critical system environments. PAM solutions go a step further than IAM systems in that they protect critical data from privileged users who could take advantage and abuse the data they manage.
Our experts accompany you on the way from the identification of critical components to the implementation of an approval workflow.

  • Approval Workflow
  • Password Management
  • Privileged Accounts
  • Advanced Monitoring