In the Middle Ages, security was ensured by a sword and a shield. Nowadays, security implies a high cyber security standard for your IT infrastructure.


You have the right to choose whether your data should be kept private. Authentix focuses on making sure your data gets the privacy it deserves.

Industry Certified

Cyber threats are ever evolving. Our certified security experts will guide you through the most suitable security standards for your company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give every Swiss company the opportunity to get professional cyber security services for a reasonable price. We choose future-oriented solutions and try to automate all our activities and thus distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

Not the profit but the protection of the country is in focus!

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Our Services

Have you ever thought about how well your company is protected from cyber attacks? Do you think the safe guard measures taken are enough? Cyber attacks could lead to severe financial losses, regulatory risks, a damaged reputation and even bankruptcy. At Authentix, we aim for enhanced security using our cyber security knowledge. Our Blue Teaming services will guide you to proactively focus on combatting cyber attacks by providing a framework of security solutions, making the lives of cyber criminals more difficult.

Microsoft 365

We do not only implement solutions like Endpoint Manager. We implement and secure the solutions across Microsoft 365.

Endpoint Security

Every endpoint is a potential security vulnerability. This makes it all the more important to take security measures.


A Privileged Access Management strategy should be included with every Identity and Access Management.


Managed monitoring and immediate response of cyber treats through our security incident and event management.

Penetration Testing

All systems and assets should be continuously tested and analysed for vulnerabilities. Even better fully automated.

Threat Management

Continuous scanning and closing of any emerging vulnerabilities and risks across the IT infrastructure


Why Choose us

Our philosophy: every enterprise deserves security

We have the ability to extract the maximum security out of any situation of a company. Unless you have the financial means to spend several thousand francs on licences, we are able to increase the security level of your company without any software! Furthermore, Authentix takes the idea of automation quite seriously. We are continuously automating our repetitive work. Therefore, we are able to offer more cost-effective solutions in comparison to market standards.

  • Philosophy: every enterprise deserves security
  • Cost-efficient solutions through automation
  • Secure and modern IT infrastructure is our main goal
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We are Partner with

We've never heard that Microsoft was hacked and we are sure that you haven't either. Microsoft provides cloud solutions for almost everything you can imagine and we can reliably say that you are in safe hands! Our solutions base on Microsoft's services and infrastructure. Be it Endpoint Manager for the automation of your devices, applications and policies. Microsoft provides excellent services which we are willing to implement for you!

Elastic Search helps people explore and analyze their data differently using the power of search. Elastic provides numerous security tools that are available for free. We're proud to be one of the first Swiss companies that joined the great community of Elastic partners. Elastic Search is the best example that not everything that is good has to be expensive!

Most of today’s cyberattacks feature advanced tactics such as lateral movement and island hopping that target legitimate tools to inflict damage. VMware Carbon Black Endpoint thwarts attacks by analysing billions of system events to understand what is normal in your environment, prevent attackers from abusing legitimate tools, and automate your investigation workflow to respond efficiently.

CyberArk is the global leader in privileged access management (PAM), a critical layer of IT security to protect data, infrastructure, and assets across the enterprise. The company is trusted by the world's leading organizations to protect against external attackers and malicious. We're proud to be a trusted partner and to be a part of the PAM journey!


How We Protect Your Enterprise

Our certified cyber security experts are aware of modern cyber risks. Authentix offers many services: modern management, automated device deployment with Microsoft Intune / Autopilot, SIEM integration with ELK, Endpoint Security with VMware Carbon Black, IAM/PAM Services, blue teaming and more. If you have questions or comments please contact us.

  • High Security Standards
  • Certified Security Experts
  • We are always there for you
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